Oasis water pumping questionnaire

solar water pumping
Where applicable, please print, circle or highlight your answers to the following questions and
fax to 1-406-777-4309 or e-mail to info@oasismontana.com
PLEASE answer all questions!
1.  Contact Information: Phone:
Name: Email:
City:                                    State/Region: Postal code:                            Country:

2. Is this pumping system for domestic use or for a stock watering application? If for domestic use, how many full time residents are there in the household? _________ If for a stock watering application, how many head and what type of livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, goats, llamas, etc.) will you be watering? ________________________________

3. Where is this system going to be located (city/state/country or latitude & longitude)?


4. Are you looking to install a solar, wind or hybrid pumping system?  Does your site have unobstructed exposure to the sun for a solar pumping application or does it get at least 10-12 mph wind speed on average for a wind powered pumping application (Yes / No)? 

Will you need the water to pump during the night time for solar applications or during low winds for wind turbine applications?  (Yes / No)

5. What is your water source (well, pond/lake, spring, stream) and if applicable, what is its production rate? ___________ gpm .  What is the approximate water temperature (some pumps will not work properly in cooler water temperatures)?  _____ degrees (F / C)

6. If your source is a well, please provide the following details:
What is the size (inside diameter, ID) of the well casing? __________ inches.
What is the total depth of the well? __________ feet.
What is the static water level from the ground? __________ feet.
What is the drawdown level from the ground? __________ feet.

7. Will this pumping system need to push water to a tank/cistern located above your water source (Yes / No)? If yes, what is the linear distance _________ (ft) and elevation difference ________ (ft) in between the water source and tank/cistern? What is the storage capacity of this tank/cistern? ____________ gallons.

8. Do you already have a pipe installed connecting the water source to your tank/cistern (Yes / No)? If yes, what size __________ inches ID and type (steel or PVC) is it? 

9. Will this pumping system be used year round or seasonally? Please list the approximate daily volume of water needed during each month of the year the system will be in use.

Gallons per day

Jan.   ___ Feb.   ___ Mar.   ___ Apr.   ___
May   ___ Jun.    ___ Jul.     ___ Aug.   ___
Sep.   ___ Oct.   ___ Nov.   ___ Dec.   ___

10. Do you already have a pump installed in this location (Yes / No)? If so, please describe what type of pump it is (manufacturer, model number, AC or DC, operating voltage & amperage, years installed, etc.) along with any other details regarding your existing system and/or site that you feel may be helpful in our system design process.

11. Where did you hear about us?  Please circle:
Internet search,  friend,  article,  Journal advertisement,   trade show,   Other:______________________________