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Solar Water Pumping
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Lorentz livestock solar water pumps

Saving Arctic Grayling with a Solar-Powered Stock Watering & Aeration System

        The Big Hole Valley in Southwestern Montana has vast hayfields, sprawling cattle ranches, independent spirits and one of the last river-dwelling grayling populations in the continental United States. The Arctic Grayling have been at a critical juncture. They are recovering from less than 5% of its original range (now approaching 20%) in large part due to the formation of partnerships involving landowner and various agencies to support conservation projects like this aeration/pumping system. When interested parties come together, mutual interests can be served, and solving mutual problems at the local level can bring rapid and impressive results.

        Maintaining stream flow levels in the Big Hole River is recognized as one means of stabilizing the grayling species habitat. A partnership consisting of Emma Cayer (Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks), Jim Magee (US Fish and Wildlife Services), NRCS, DNRC and a private landowner worked together this past spring in an effort that reduces water drawn from the Big Hole River for cattle. Oasis Montana was asked to assist with designing a remote livestock watering system that could incorporate a freeze-resistant feature in a land that has winter early to start and spring late to arrive. In some years, the Big Hole River area may only have one month of frost-free conditions at best! We had the easy part: design a solar-powered water pumping system that would feed into two 13 foot diameter rubber tire watering tanks and use an aerator to minimize the potential for freezing. 500 cattle without water was not an option. Commercial power was located about a mile away but the power from the sun-drenched area was, like the hay crop, harvestable, and untimately much more cost-effective.

        A new well had been drilled by Ryan Lindsay (Lindsay Drilling Company, Dillon MT), producing 40gpm from a depth of 80 feet in one of the pastures. Bill Fischer (B&D Pump Service, Hamilton MT) installed a SunRotor PC1500L Pump and Motor. Jeff Laursen (JKL Electric, Victor MT) installed the controller, eight (8) EOPLLY 190 watt 24 volt solar modules, a top-of-pole mount, and Pennington Equipment Companyís PEC BKBS-10 aerator.

        By using the newly drilled well as a livestock watering source, the landowner/rancher allows the Big Hole River water to remain in place, providing critical habitat for the Fluvial Arctic Grayling. All parties are pleased with the simplicity, efficiency and performance of the stock watering system. And the fish have more undisturbed water in their natural habitat.

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