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submersible solar pumps
Lorents submersible solar pumps

The Lorentz line of submersible helical rotor and centrifugal solar pumps is making big waves in the solar water pumping industry. They are super efficient (high volume of water per watt of solar power applied), can pump water from depths up to 760 feet and require no regular maintenance so you can just set it and forget it. Plus, all of the electronics are located in the above ground controller box leaving just the motor and pump head in the well which makes system trouble shooting easier and minimizes the need to pull the pump out of the well. There are 3 different versions of the Lorentz pumping systems available depending on how much water you need and from what depth. The small PS200 system will deliver water from up to 165 and is designed to work with a 24-48V nominal 80-250 watt solar array. The mid sized PS600 will deliver water from up to 600 and is designed to work with a 48-72V nominal 300-840 watt solar array. The large PS1200 will deliver water from up to 760 and is designed to work with a 72-96V nominal 350-1200 watt solar array. Please click on the links to the spec sheets below for more details. The helical rotor pumps are best suited for deep well applications that require relatively low volumes of water while the centrifugal pumps are best suited for shallow well applications (65 or less) where high volumes of water are needed. All of the Lorentz pumps will fit in a 4 ID well casing or larger and require a 4-wire (3 conductor with ground) submersible cable. There is an optional low water sensor probe available which will prevent the pump from running dry as well as an AC power pack that will allow the Lorentz pumps to run off of a 120/240 VAC generator during an extended period of cloudy weather. The prices for all of the pumps, controllers and options are listed in the chart below. Lorentz offers a 2 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship on all of their pumps and controllers. We highly recommend the Lorentz pumps for new stock watering applications or as a replacement for diaphragm pumping systems that have failed or require maintenance too frequently. While initially more expensive than a diaphragm pumping system, a Lorentz pumping system will produce more water per day and save you a lot of time, money and aggravation in the long run. Please give us a call if you have any questions about the Lorentz line of pumps or if you would like us to size a complete system for you.

All Lorentz helical rotor submersible pumps with PS600, PS1200 or PS1800 controller

Lorentz helical rotor submersible pump with PS200 controller

Centrifugal CSJ5-8 for PS150

AC Power Pack

Low water sensor probe

PV disconnect & junction box
(recommended for PS600 & PS1200 systems)

Prices not listed at the request of the manufacturer.  Call us for current pricing.

Spec sheets for PS200 PS600 PS1200 in PDF format

Video ~ LORENTZ - next generation solar water pumping

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