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Dankoff Solaram Surface Pump


Conergy Dankoff Solaram Surface Pumps

This powerful diaphragm surface pump can draw water from a shallow source (well, spring, lake, river, etc.) and provide up to 5,400 gallons per day or push water as high as 960 feet. These pumps are dirt tolerant and can run dry periodically without damage. The Solaram's cast aluminum pump body features multiple neoprene diaphragms backed by pistons. Flexible intake/outlet hoses and pressure relief valves are included. All Solaram pumps require a controller. There is a one-year warranty on the Solaram pump against defect in materials and workmanship. Please consult page 2 of the Solaram spec sheet to determine which model will best suit your needs, and then look at the chart below for pricing.

NOTE:  Some Dankoff products have a 1-2 week lead time.  Call for availability!

Model Price Model Price
Solaram 8120 series ** Long term parts kit Call
Solaram 8140 series ** Diaphragm & oil kit Call
Solaram 8220 series ** Float switch kit Call
Solaram 8240 series ** Float valve 1.25" **
Solaram 8300 series **
Solaram  8543-120 **

To get the 4 digit model number from page 2 of the PDF, use the 2 digits from the rightmost column and apply in front of the pdf column headings to form a 4 digit model number.  Yes, somewhat confusing - give us a call at 1-406-777-4321 if you would like some help choosing the correct model number for your application.

**  There's new pricing as of Oct.1st, with some Dankoff pumps costing as much as 40% more; please call (406) 777-4321 for your pricing. This is the first price increase for Dankoff products in several years; it will take us a while to update our many web pages. We appreciate your patience.  All Dankoff products are warranted; however, all product returns under warranty are subject to the manufacturer's scrutiny. Therefore all returns must be accompanied by a credit card, which will be charged if it is determined that the product has been improperly installed or if the warranty has otherwise been voided.

We also offer numerous pumping accessories (float switches, pressure tanks, repair kits, replacement motor brushes, submersible pump wire, splice kits, pitless adapters, poly pipe, disconnects, etc.).  If you don't see what you are looking for here, please email or give us a call at 1-406 777-4321 and we'll do our best to find it.

If you purchase your system from Oasis Montana, system discounts will apply. Call for more information.