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1.   Contact information:

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2. Type of water pumping system

Is this pumping system for domestic use or for a stock watering application?
If for domestic use, how many full time residents are there in the household?  

If for a stock watering application, how many head?

What type of livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, goats, llamas, etc.) will you be watering?  

3.   Location

Where is this system going to be located (city/state/country or latitude & longitude)?

4.   Energy source
Are you looking to install a solar, wind or hybrid pumping system? 
Your site must have unobstructed exposure to the sun for a solar pumping application or at least 10-12 mph wind speed on average for a wind powered pumping application.

5. Water source

What is your water source?  
Do you know how much it produces in GPM (gallons per minute)?  

6.   Developed well information

What is the inside diameter of your well casing in inches?  
What is the total depth of the well in feet?  
What is the static water level from the ground in feet?  
What is the draw down level from the ground in feet?  

7.   Water pumping requirements

Will this pumping system need to push water to a tank/cistern located above your water source
If yes, what is the linear distance in feet?  
What is the difference in elevation between the water source and tank/cistern in feet? 
What is the storage capacity of this tank/cistern in gallons?  

8.   Supply line

Do you already have a pipe installed connecting the water source to your tank/cistern? 
If yes, what size in inside diameter in inches is it?  
What material is the pipe made of?  

9.   Periods of use

Will this solar water pumping system be used year round or seasonally?  

Please list in the table below the estimated gallons of water per day needed for each month

Jan.   Feb.  Mar. Apr. 
May  Jun.   Jul.    Aug. 
Sep.  Oct.  Nov. Dec. 

10.   Existing equipment:

Do you already have a pump installed in this location?  
If so, please describe what type of pump it is
(manufacturer, model number, AC or DC, operating voltage & amperage, years installed, etc.)

11.   Other information:

Please give us any other information that may help us to properly design this water pumping system to adequately meet your needs.

12.  Where did you hear about Oasis Montana?
  Internet search   Internet article   Magazine article
  Ad in a publication   Trade show   Newspaper article
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